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Retaining Walls

In general, retaining walls are used to “retain” soil or other materials into a desired shape or slope. Many homeowners add retaining walls to increase overall curb appeal or to add more functionality to a sloped back lawn. Building a sturdy retaining wall is also beneficial for controlling erosion.

Retaining walls can be created using a variety of materials; however, concrete retaining walls are stronger, hold their form better, and last longer than other materials like timber and stones. Concrete can also be designed and manipulated to add unique characteristics to reflect the overall style of home and business owners. 

Building a concrete retaining wall may seem like an easy job that anyone can take on over the weekend. However, there is a science behind building strong, durable, and long-lasting concrete retaining walls. Tom Davenport Concrete Construction has the skills and expertise to construct a retaining wall the right way to add curb appeal, structural stability, or erosion control for your home or business.

If you have any questions regarding retaining walls or would like to set up a consultation, contact us by calling 870.449.6593.