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Elevated Slabs

There are many different reasons a homeowner or a business chooses to go with an elevated concrete slab. While elevated slabs are used primarily in many commercial buildings, they are also great for homeowners looking to build near the pristine lakes and rivers of the Twin Lakes area.

If your home or business is located near water that can fluctuate during heavy rainfall, then making the decision to go with an elevated concrete slab may be one of the best options to keep your home and business high and dry. Elevated slabs can also be incorporated in deck, garage, or other projects requiring a certain level of elevation from the ground below.

When choosing a company to create an elevated slab, it is important to choose a company like Tom Davenport Concrete Construction that has years of experience and knowledge to get the job completed.

If you have any questions about elevated slabs or would like to set up a consultation, contact Tom Davenport Concrete Construction by calling 870.449.6593.